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Your renovation journey starts with your initial contact.

Whether you came into our store or called in on the phone, we are so glad you found us. Whether you are a first timer or a veteran renovator, every project is unique.  In order to unlock your kitchen or bathroom’s true potential, our designer will ask you a series of questions about your project including what room, style, budget, goals, timeline, who is already on your team and exactly what you need from us. The products and services we offer are extensive, the faster we fully understand your wishes, the better we can serve you.


Once we have established the scope of your project, we offer a no-charge in home consultation.  During this one hour meeting we review your objectives, and give you a realistic and accurate assessment of your project’s potential.

If you decide to go to the next step, you may be asked to pay a nominal design retainer (this fee is based on the scope of the project and may be applied to your cabinet purchase). Your  designer will then measure the space and take thorough notes from which to start the design process. We will take several photos to share with our construction estimator from which we will draft our proposal.


Every project, regardless of budget deserves respect and our greatest effort. Your designer will combine creativity, technical knowledge and years of experience to produce a well thought out design that encompasses everything you asked for…but look out!  We will probably surprise and delight you with a few twists that you didn’t expect…after all isn’t that why you came to us in the first place??


You will be invited into our showroom for your presentation.  At this time you will see a full set of drawings and an estimate outlining all of the elements that go into your project.  This will include cabinetry, countertops, plumbing fixtures, tile, etc.  For construction we will provide a scope of work and a preliminary quote.  Our goal is to provide you with all of the information for you to take home to digest and work through the design in the privacy of your own home.  We expect that you will have lots of questions and lots of feedback.  So don’t think you are bothering us…ASK AWAY!


Should you decide to move ahead with your project, the process shifts to our DESIGN DEVELOPMENT stage. 

Under the expert guidance of your designer, you will meet the rest of our awesome team. We will walk you through the many details of your project.  We want to equip you to select the right materials for a balance of appearance, function and cost.  Our job is to help you evaluate and prioritize your options.

This process can be 1 day or several weeks depending on the complexity of your project. Our goal is to make sure that nothing gets missed and we clearly outline your expectations.  You will receive an updated and final quote based on your final selections.


Once the decisions are made we prepare contract documents.  We take your trust in us very seriously.  The purpose of our contract is to outline both of our responsibilities and to make sure you understand everything that will be happening. You will be asked to make a significant material deposit as well as a small construction deposit (typically $1000).

Then WE GET TO WORK. Our TEAM gets about the business of ordering all of your materials, procuring the permit (if required) and outlining a full package for our construction team.  This is typically 2-12 weeks prior to start date depending on lead times for materials.


Once all of your materials are in and have gone through our inspection process, we are ready to begin.  You can expect our preparation crew to provide thorough protection of your property.  Tarps, dust barrier, floor covering and any other items needed to ensure your home is safe.  Your project manager, designer, and project development specialist will work together to make sure things progress according to plan. communicate what is happening and what you can expect.  Our primary goal is to provide you with the smoothest and most efficient experience possible.  While construction can be daunting, our years of experience have equipped us to foresee and circumvent many common issues.


Every client and every project is part of SCKB’s legacy that began in 1987.  Being in your home and leaving behind a beautiful and functional space is a privilege. We will provide you with a complete packet of warranty information as well as Use and Care Instructions for maintaining the beauty of longevity of your beautiful new kitchen or bathroom.  We want you to think of us as a long term partner for this, or any other project you may be considering in the future.  You can count on us to be here!


The SCKB Advantage

From start to finish, we offer you the conveniences of one-stop shopping. We stand ready to assist with every aspect of your project, including not only design and construction but also appliance selection and ordering. We are your single-source solution for your interior design and construction project. SCKB offers the Santa Cruz community’s only fully integrated design and build showroom with a complete compliment of designers, vendors, contractors and tradesman to facilitate every aspect of the build process of your new or remodeled space. Because of our extensive relationships with the best suppliers, you can rest assured that your new kitchen or bath will have only the highest quality items. Our construction personnel have the most exacting standards, ensuring you the best possible workmanship.

At the end of the process, you will have not only a beautiful new space but also an ongoing relationship with SCKB to ensure your long-term satisfaction and enjoyment!

The greatest benefit to choosing SCKB for the construction/remodel portion of your kitchen is the seamless communication. There is a single point of contact, and a complete acceptance of responsibility for the entire project. This saves valuable time, money and energy.

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Kitchen Design

Our Showroom

Our Showroom


Come Visit our Santa Cruz Showroom

When you’re ready for even more ideas, checking out samples, or sitting down with a designer, come visit our showroom!

Our talented and knowledgeable staff is ready to welcome you with your questions and design project needs. With over 70 years’ combined professional expertise, our designers can make your dreams come true for your kitchen or bath.

At Santa Cruz Kitchen and Bath, we’re designing for the way you live!



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