Discovering Extra Living Space!

Jul 31, 2012Design, Uncategorized, Videos

Basements are typically about one third of the entire home’s available space, 600 to 800 sq. ft. in the average home. And while some basements have been finished to create more living area, the majority of these spaces are used as makeshift laundry rooms, home offices, and storage repositories for everything from spare freezers to pantries, paints, and paperwork. In other words, most basements are underused.

Initially, Santa Cruz Kitchen & Bath renovations team will help you assess the various features of your basement in order to incorporate your ideas into the basement remodeling plans. Our experienced home improvement contractors can remove any existing framework within your basement to create room for your remodeling project. Additionally, we can remove mold & mildew or any debris ruined by water damage prior to any basement remodeling or new construction in the cellar.

After the preparation work is finished, our home improvement contractors will begin construction of your new basement. First, the entire space is moisture proofed and a sub floor is installed. Next comes framing the new basement walls, corners, doors, & ceilings. At this point in the renovation, any required electrical, plumbing, heating, and ventilation work is performed. Once complete, the basement living area is insulated in order to maintain a controlled temperature environment.

Giving the basement a dual personality is helpful for homeowners who would like to use the space for more than one purpose. Some people choose a basement design layout that allows for an office and fitness area. Other homeowners appreciate a closed off laundry room, leaving the rest of the basement floor plan for entertaining family and friends.

When we entrusted Santa Cruz Kitchen & Bath to renovate our basement, we knew we were in good hands. Now that the project is complete I can honestly say that it came out much better than expected — we’re delighted!

On the other hand, if you’ll be using the room as a whole — with little to no divisions — then decide how you would like to see the space arranged. For example, a lounge room might include a sectional couch, big screen television and room for a pool table or small bar area.

If you have the ability to create a central location for equipment, like a furnace and hot water heater, then you may want to choose a basement remodeling plan that allows for a sectioned-off space for these items.

Finally, the basement flooring is installed and the walls are put into place and painted to your specifications. Once it is furnished and stylized, your new finished basement is ready to enjoy all year long. As always, Thomas Goode and his crack staff guarantees your satisfaction with any work we perform within your Santa Cruz area home.

Imagine finishing your basement once and having it stay warm, beautiful, and healthy for the rest of your life. Santa Cruz Kitchen & Bath is a proud installer of the Total Basement Finishing™ System and can create a dry, usable space in your basement with products that won’t absorb moisture or allow mold growth.

The TBF patented products include sufficient warranties that guarantee a waterproof basement space that you can use for however you’d like. We can build a functional living space in your basement or simply waterproof it so it can be used for extra storage. Whatever purpose you desire, Visionary Designs can install it.